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Sheriff’s Office Responsibilities

The Sheriff’s office provides service of process for writs issued by the Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas, Court of Chancery, Family Court and courts from other states and countries along with subpoenas issued by the Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and Industrial Accident Board.

The Sheriff’s office also conducts foreclosure sales on real estates, as well as sales of goods and chattels to satisfy liens issued by the Court of Common Pleas and Superior Court. The office is responsible for collecting and distributing all proceeds from the aforementioned sales. The Sheriff’s office handles approximately $20 million annually from these complex transactions.

The Sheriff’s office has:

  • Collected more than $6.4 million in total revenue generated by service fees and foreclosure sales.
  • Budget of $2.1 million to run the office
  • Processed 14,000 Writs requiring 38,000 Services, resulting in over 57,000 Service trips by the deputies in the field last year
  • Oversees a staff of 20, including 7 deputies in the field
  • The Sheriff reviews cases with excess proceeds, and has made successful efforts in returning excess proceeds to people who otherwise may not have received their sale proceeds
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Sheriff’s Office Responsibilities